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CupsNChai AcharI Chicken

Remember waking up to the familiar fragrance of freshly brewed chai & crisp, golden-brown parathas piled high? You get out of bed and follow your nose like a trail of breadcrumbs and there it is… a pot of tea gently simmering over the stovetop with fragrant steam rising in delicate swirls. The soft hiss of the griddle draws your attention, and your eyes lock upon the golden brown parathas dancing on the hot skillet.

As you step into our vibrant and hip space, it’s not just about enjoying a cup of tea or a delicious meal – it’s about reliving those magical moments from your past. Just like the mornings of your childhood, our chai brews slowly in traditional pots and our food is freshly prepared. It’s the same delicious menu that used to coax you out of bed, drawing you towards the kitchen with eager anticipation. Every order is meticulously prepared, evoking memories of cozy conversations and shared laughter.

Fusion of flavors!

CupsnChai takes street food to a whole new level with exciting flavors & innovative twists. You can pair your chai with our Achari Chicken Wrap – juicy chicken loaded with spicy chutneys and South Asian pickles (achaar) wrapped in a crispy paratha. For those seeking an extra kick, the Sriracha Wrap brings together the fiery goodness of sriracha sauce with perfectly seasoned fillings for a flavor explosion.

Basically we take classic street food favorites and blend traditional spices with contemporary elements to present unique flavors and dishes. We’re big on celebrating the art of flavor fusion, creating a vibrant and hip space where friends and family can gather, enjoy delicious snacks, and explore endless food fusion possibilities.

Paratha Omelette 11

If you’re looking for paninis with a twist, we’ve also got a range of paninis you’re surely going to love. The Chutney Cheese Panini is a heavenly combination of gooey melted cheese and zesty chutney, sandwiched between toasted bread. And for a taste of Mumbai’s street food scene, you can try out the iconic Vada Pav – a crispy potato fritter sandwiched between a fluffy bun, garnished with tangy chutneys.

Breakfast bliss

CupsnChai is not your average tea spot. With a hip and trendy vibe, it’s your new go-to spot to relax with friends & family while enjoying some mouthwatering fusion snacks. Take a bite of our juicy paratha rolls, or start your day with the perfect tea-and-paratha combination.

Also make sure you don’t forget to try our invigorating mojito drinks for a refreshing twist this summer. Join us and indulge in a diverse range of treats to pair with your tea!

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