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Tea Blend

A tea lover’s paradise. 

CupsnChai boasts a variety of chai blends that’ll leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy on the inside.

Let’s start with our Karak Chai – warm & comforting but with a bit of an edge! It combines black tea with milk and spices to give you a slightly bitter flavor balanced out by the subtle sweetness of the milk.

But if you’re craving a delicious twist on this classic chai blend, you can try our Amore or Bonbon chai teas. Our Amore Chai tastes like a smooth and velvety blend of traditional chai with rich notes of French Vanilla. While our Bonbon Chai is a buttery rich traditional chai paired with luxurious notes of caramel.

Add a touch of excitement with Masala Chai, crafted from a medley of spices and rich blend of tea. If you are not in the mood for dairy, Mango Bergamot offers a delightful fusion to your throat and soul. Furthermore, for a unique twist, Suleimani Chai introduces the refreshing flavors of lemon and herb.

And if you’re not a chai person (hey, we’re not here to judge) you can try something cool and refreshing like our range of mojito mocktails made with fresh fruit, tangy lime, and a dash of sparkling soda water. You can also sip on some cafe mocha, flavor-filled with coffee blend and mocha. Similarly, caramel or vanilla macchiato can also give you the caffeine kick you need.

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