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From Our Cups to Your Heart: Stirring Nostalgia at CupsnChai!


A Modern Chai Cafe
in Canton, Michigan

Our cup of chai can introduce you to the real South Asian flavors and that’s what sets up apart
from other Asian cafes in Canton, Michigan.

CupsnChai, your ultimate destination for authentic Asian chai and flavors.

Our Mission

As a premier Asian chai café in Canton, Michigan, in redefining the chai experience and blending centuries-old traditions with modern taste.

Cupsnchai Mission

Our Vision

To establish CupsnChai as the top South Asian chai café in Canton, Michigan, that delivers authentic South Asian experiences through every cup of chai.

Cupsnchai Interior

Our Values

South Asian Chai cafe


We are committed to respecting and maintaining South Asian chai and street food traditions with authentic, high-quality ingredients and techniques, hence, aspiring to be among the best cafes in Canton, Michigan.

Innovation in Asian Cafe


We are dedicated to keeping things fresh, we value innovation, exploring new flavors, creating original menu combinations, and adapting to changing preferences.

Asian Chai Cafe


We work to create an inclusive atmosphere where everyone, no matter their background or differences, feels welcomed, respected, and valued.

Shared Love OF Chai


We are dedicated to creating a welcoming Asian cafe in Canton, Michigan, where customers, staff, and the local community can gather, share experiences, and connect over a shared love of chai and food.