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Breakfast Lovers at Cupsnchai

Morning all desi breakfast aficionados, we’re here to welcome you to a delicious breakfast extravaganza with aromatic spices, freshly fried parathas, and warm & comforting teas. So buckle up for a breakfast experience like no other at CupsnChai, a charming little chai shop & eatery that brings small-town vibes to downtown Canton!

A hip and cozy space that beckons you with an inviting atmosphere, subtle hints of spices, and a rustic charm… it’s the place to be if you want to start your day on a perfectly cozy note!

All day breakfast!

CupsnChai’s all-day breakfast menu features The Omelet Paratha, a fluffy omelet folded within layers of perfectly cooked paratha. With its comforting flavors and hearty appeal, it pairs remarkably well with Karak Chai, a traditional chai-tea concoction made with smooth & velvety milk and premium tea leaves.

Paratha Omelette

For those craving a hint of sweetness, Paratha w/ Achaar & Honey combines tangy achaar with the sweet and floral flavors of honey. The contrast of spicy & sweet, tangy & floral, all come together in a medley of bold and harmonious flavors. Unheard of? Perhaps. Delicious? Definitely!

And finally, if you’re in the mood for something rich and unique, Paratha with Labneh Cheese delivers a blend of creamy goodness that’s hard to resist.

Paninis with a desi twist

If you’re just not feeling the traditional breakfast scene (hey, we’re not here to judge) we’ve got a selection of paninis with a desi twist. A fusion of classic & contemporary, the Omelet Panini features a fluffy omelet and creamy melted cheese in lightly toasted bread.

Or perhaps go vegetarian with our Chutney Cheese Melt. A fat, ooey gooey grilled cheese sandwich with rich cubes of paneer loaded with spicy chutneys wrapped in a soft, delicious paratha.

Chai ho jaye?

And of course… make sure you pair your breakfast with CupsnChai’s Karak Chai or Karak Coffee. The aromatic spices and velvety flavors of our Karak Chai complement our menu like no other. It’s a match made in breakfast heaven that will leave you craving this tasty duo time and time again!

So make your way to CupsnChai and let the breakfast feast begin. See you there!

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